Relays & contactors.

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Product no.: B1055

Control relay with a round joint, eight pins, two changer connections. 10A 3351151. Air conditioning, Professional / Commercial dishwashers.

Product no.: 3TG1001-1AL2

Four-tip contactor for Din installation. Siemens 3TG1001-1AL2. 16A 230V. Suitable for many large household appliances and electrical installations.

  • Contactor type 4-pole
  • Control voltage 230V AC
  • Max. operating current 16A
  • Contact settings NC + NO x3
  • Installation on DIN, panel
Product no.: 30.046.716
Manufacturer ISKRA  
1-pole installation  
230V AC  
Product no.: G5NB-1A

Electromagnetic relay, for heat pumps etc.

  • Coil voltage 12V DC
  • Switched voltage max 30V DC / max 250V AC
  • Contacts configuration SPST-NO
  • Contact current max 3A
  • Coil power consumption 200mW
  • Dimensions 29 x 12.5 x 15.5 mm
  • Solder leg (4pcs) distances 7 mm, 11 mm, 4 mm (see picture)
  • Manufacturer Omron