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Deep fryer

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Product no.: 2381

Two-pole toggle switch. 16A 250V. For 12mm attachment hole. Thread M12, attachment nuts included (2pcs). Frame height 32mm, width 21,5mm, lenght 30mm. Thread height 10mm. Connectors 6x 6,3mm Abiko.

Product no.: 4009

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat.

Thermostat +60-200ºC control range. Capillary 900 mm Bulbo 6x80
Product no.: 4043

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat.

Thermostat +60-215ºC control range. Capillary 2100 mm Bulbo 6x77 mm.

Product no.: 4265

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat.

Thermostat +90-185ºC control range. Capillary 2350 mm.


Product no.: 4010

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat.

Thermostat +53-180ºC control range. Capillary 1170 mm Bulbo 6x133 mm.


Product no.: 4026

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat. 3 contact.

Thermostat +50-210ºC control range. Capillary 1730 mm bulbo 3,1x208 mm


Product no.: 2027

Deep fryer temperature control knob 110121. Black plastic. Scale 60 to 200 degrees celsius. Outer diameter of the rim 50 mm. Suitable for 6 mm shaft. EGO 0000524806.

Product no.: 4152

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat. +130-190ºC control range. Capillary lenght 890mm, bulbo lenght 118, diameter 3mm. Fits for Lincat TH10.

Product no.: 4046

Deep fryer 1N~ thermostat. +50-190ºC control range. Capillary lenght 900mm, bulbo lenght 185mm  diameter 3mm. 16A 250V. Axle 6mm / 4,5mm, lenght 17mm. 402502000. Fits for many RM Gastro FE -series models (230V).

Product no.: 4020

Deep Fryer 3-phase overheating protection 240ºC. EGO 55.31549.060.

  • Capillary 1430 mm
  • Nut thread M9x1
  • Sensor 6 x 175 mm
Product no.: 4013

3N~ Overheating protection +220ºC

Capilar 900 mm, bulbo 6x230 mm.

Product no.: 4021

Deep fryer 3N~ thermostat. Thermostat +90-180ºC control range.

Capillary 900 mm, bulbo 6x140 mm. Thread M10x1

Product no.: 401500530

The main power switch of the deep fryer / commercial appliance. 250V 16A. Replaces the  switch that has separate push buttons, on and off. Installation opening dimensions 22 x 30 mm. Two tips, 4 x 6.3 mm Abiko flat connectors. A rubber cover on top of the switch prevents grease and dirt from entering the switch. Suitable for e.g. for many RM Gastro / Redfox fryers.

Product no.: 4047

Deep fryer over heating protection thermostat. Cutoff +235ºC, manual reset. Capillar lenght 900mm, bulbo lenght 185mm, diameter 3mm. 16A 250V. Fits for many RM Gastro FE -series models (230V). 402511000.

Product no.: 402592000

Deep fryer thermostat knob. Black plastic. Diameter 43mm. Fits for axle 6mm / 4,5mm. Scale 50-190ºC. Fits for many RM Gastro FE -series models.

Product no.: 5082

Commercial dishwasher orange signal light R693056. Attachment hole diameter 12mm. Lens outer diameter 14mm. 230V. T120°. Fits for Fagor -models manufactured before year 2008.

Product no.: 401520000

A microswitch with plunger that engages when the fryer heating element package is in place. Metal button. Suitable for e.g. for many Electrolux, RM Gastro, Elettrobar fryers. Size 47 x 40 x 13 mm.

Product no.: 165523

Deep fryer basket with swivel handle. Suitable for e.g. Bartscher fryers A162810E, A162812E, EF-8L, TEF-8L.

  • Maximum dimensions of the basket section width 190 mm, length 240 mm, height 140 mm
  • The dimensions of the basket bottom are 210 x 145 mm
  • The height of the handle from the bottom of the basket is 165 mm
  • At the front edge, the hanging hooks are 80 mm apart
  • Capacity 5.5 liters
  • Stainless steel
Product no.: U127523

Fryer safety thermostat, maximum temperature 220°C.

Product no.: 4003D

Knob for the thermostat of an oven, stove or other heating device. Imit 556326. Scale 0-300 degrees. Suitable for 6 mm shaft (D-model 6x4.6 mm). Diameter 41 mm, height 15.5 mm. Black plastic. Suitable for e.g. to thermostat 4001D.

Product no.: 4019

Deep fryer temperature control knob 110120. Black plastic. Scale 100 to 180 degrees celsius. Outer diameter of the rim 50 mm. Suitable for 6 mm shaft. EGO 0000524813.

Product no.: 375258

Deep fryer 3-pole over heat protector 232 °C EGO 55.32542.822. Fits many MBM and Elettrobar fryers etc. See list for compatible models.

  • 20 A
  • 3N, 6 x flat connectors
  • Capillary 900 mm, insulated 670 mm
  • Probe ø 6 / 94 mm
  • Nut M10x1
  • Connectors 6,35 x 0,8 mm
Product no.: 375899

Fryer etc. 1-pole safety thermostat, replaces part EGO 56.10542.610.

  • 16A / 250V
  • Max temperature 222°C
  • Capillary 900 mm, insulated 190 mm
  • Probe 160 x 3 mm
Product no.: 7112124

The main power switch of an electrical device. 250V 12A. On-staying positions I-O, separate buttons. Suitable for e.g. for many large kitchen appliances, professional cleaning appliances, industrial appliances, low-power deep fryers (max 2600W / 230V).

Product no.: 1160

Microswitch for commercial appliances. Suitable for many ovens as a door switch and for deep fryers as a safety switch. Metal thread and button part.

Forssan Huoltopalvelu Ltd does not take any responsibility for accidents occurring in the installation of products or damage caused by incorrectly installed products. The installation of any electronic spare part has to be installed by a professional person with electrical permits required by law professional.  If an electronic component is installed by a person without electrician degree or needed permits the customer is responsible for any possible accidents / damage. Electronic spare parts have no right of return if they have been tested in place on the device.

Product no.: U213386

Rocker switch with rubber protection and green light. An excellent switch for dirty and damp locations where high current resistance is required. Protected by a rubber cover. Black frame. The remaining positions are ON-OFF. Suitable for many coffee machines, dishwashers, other large household appliances, industrial machines and other electrical appliances.

Product no.: H126535

Thermostat controlling the temperature of the deep fryer E.G.O 55.17039.010. Suitable for many household, large kitchen / restaurant deep fryers.

  • Adjustment range 130-190°C
  • Single phase
  • Capillary length 1240 mm
  • Sensor 115 x 6 mm
  • D-shaped pin 6 x 4.6 mm
  • 16A 250V
Product no.: M132664

Deep fryer overheating protection, safety thermostat E.G.O 55.32545.090. Replaces part Electrolux 0KJ144. Fits many deep fryers.