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Product no.: A300312

Effective fly catcher with 10 meter range. Easy to empty with detachable bottom container. Can be installed to hang from chains.

  • Killer voltage 2500V
  • Input 230v / 28W
  • UV-lamps 2x10W
  • L 390mm, W 95mm, H 305mm
  • Aluminium / plastic
  • Effective range 10m

Spare lamp available: Bartscher IV-36 kärpäsloukun lamppu 10W

Product no.: 300317

Very efficient electric trap for flies, horse flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. flying insects. Two powerful lamps and 2500V deadly trap wires. Easy to clean beneath, thanks to the removable collector!

  • 2500V trapping power
  • 230 / 2x20W lamps
  • dimensions 650x90x365mm
  • Aluminum / Plastic
  • Operating range 12m
Product no.: 300334

Fly killer / trap spare lamp F10T8/BL. 10W UV-A. Ultra violet / black light. Original spare part for Bartscher IV-36. L 329mm, with pins 345mm. Diameter 25mm. Pin spacing 12mm.