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Product no.: TO500
Product no.: TO504
Product no.: TO700

Electric smoker heating element. 1100W 230 Vac. L 470 mm, W 125 mm. Fixed 2m rubber cable with grounded schuko plug. Original spare part for OPA & Muurikka models TO6846 / TO6846/LM / 54410020.

Product no.: TO705

Electric smoker heating element. 1200W 230 Vac. L 470 mm, W 125 mm. Fixed 2m rubber cable with grounded schuko plug. Original spare part for OPA Muurikka models TO6845 / TO6845/LM / 54410040.

Product no.: TO502

Heating element for OpaMuurikka electric grille / summer kitchen. 2200W 230V. Width 376mm, total length 445 mm, length from attachment 400 mm. Original spare part. Fits for Sähkögrilli 6820.

Product no.: TO501

Electric grill heating element with temperature regulator & power cable. Original spare part for Opamuurikka 6280. 2200W, 50HZ, 230V.

Fits: Muurikka Sähkögrilli pöytämalli (54220010 / TO6820.P), Sähkögrilli Classic 2200W (54220020 / TO6820/ST), Sähkögrilli pitkillä jaloilla (TO6820.PJ), Sähkögrilli 6280, Sähkösimo 6280

Product no.: TO200

NOTICE! there are 2 different lengths, check measurements! Longer element: 485mm element

Heating element for the electric smoker. 900W 230V. Fixed rubber cable with grounded schuko plug. Original spare part for Opa Muurikka Nokkela TO6841 / TO6842 / 54430010 smokers.

  • Length from mounting flange 300 mm
  • Total length 345 mm
  • The width of the resistor is approx. 130 mm
  • Flange length 136 mm
  • Flange height 30 mm
  • Mounting holes 60 mm
Product no.: TO692
Product no.: 01010119
Product no.: TO6803
Product no.: 43001250
Product no.: TO6837
Product no.: TO6811
Product no.: TO6808
Product no.: TO6815
Product no.: TO713
Product no.: TO701
Product no.: TWT-B002A
Product no.: TWT-B002B
Product no.: TWT-B002C
Product no.: TO687

A protective container made of sturdy foil material for the bottom of the Muurikka electric grill. Suitable for grills with a flat grease tray, not suitable for grills with rails in the grease tray. Collects dripping fat, liquid and food so they don't stick to the bottom of the grill and it's easy to keep the grill clean. Conveniently replaceable whenever needed.

5 pieces of aluminum protection in the package. Outer diameter 405 mm, edge height 20 mm.

Product no.: TO6165
Product no.: TO6166
Product no.: TO6167
Product no.: TO711
Product no.: TO707
Product no.: TO714
Product no.: TO706
Product no.: TE149.150K
Product no.: TO159.32
Product no.: AX-7510

Pistol-shaped pyrometer / infrared measuring thermometer Axiomet AX-7510. Measuring range -20 ° C .... 550 ° C (-4 ° F .... 1022 ° F). Backlit display. Accuracy ± 2% or ± 2 ° C. Powered by a 9V battery (not included). A handy tool for measuring the temperature in cooking from the oven, baking oven, pizza oven, grill, fryer, pan, frying pan, etc. Also works for measuring high-temperature pizza ovens (over 500 degrees).

Product no.: 54920010

Sprayable Baking Spray is excellently suitable for all kinds of frying, e.g. different pans, griddles, grills, and for greasing baking tins. Muurikka Baking Spray is a natural product that contains rapeseed lecithin. Dosing and spreading is particularly easy by spraying from a propellant bottle. Do not use with an open flame. Store in a dry and cool place (not in the refrigerator). Bottle size 250 ml.