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Electrolux floor nozzle 2198578011

Product no.: 2193708290

Electrolux UltraActive, UltraSilencer, UltraPerformer and UltraOne vacuum cleaner passive floor nozzle (without rotating brush). Fits 36mm oval Aeropro telescopic tubes, check suitable models on product's page.

Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.
Delivery weight: 1 kg

Ankarsrum Original Multifunction Mixer, Chrome Black (2300107)

Product no.: 930900087

Professional-grade kitchen mixer Ankarsrum Original AKM6230BC. Color: Black Chrome. Also available in many other colors to choose from. 1500W powerful motor is very powerful and quiet, you can make 5 kilos of dough at a time! Speed control and timer. This multi-purpose machine is continuing the Electrolux Assistent-machines success from the 1930's to nowadays. This is almost a infinite machine, with a wide range of additional accessories.

Compatible with Ankarsrum and Electrolux Assistent food processor accessories, for example  meat grinder. 5 year guarantee.


Estimated delivery time 2 - 4 business days.

Delivery weight: 13.1 kg

Electrolux wheel basket set 40mm, grey

Product no.: 50286965004

Lower basket wheel kit for dishwashers. Fits for many AEG, Electrolux, Rosenlew, Husqvarna and Elektro-Helios dishwashers. Diameter 40mm. Includes 8 basket wheels. Grey plastic, replaces older lighter coloured versions. Please ensure the fit with PROD/PNC number.

Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.
Delivery weight: 101 g

AEG Electrolux upper basket wheel kit 25mm (8 pcs)

Product no.: 50286967000

Dishwasher upper basket wheel set 8 pcs. Diameter 25 mm. Original spare part for many AEG Favorit, Electrolux ESF ESI ESL, Elektro Helios DI, Rosenlew RW, Zanussi ZDF ZDT ZDI DE ZDS -models.

Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.
Delivery weight: 50 g

LG direct drive drum position sensor (6501KW2001B)

Product no.: 6501KW2001A

Direct Drive washing machine drum position sensor. Located in the motor ring. Fault code "LE" often indicates this part is dead. Original spare part for many LG WD-12000, WD-14000, WD-16000, F1400, F14A, F1600 -series models. Replaces parts 6501KW2001B, 6501KW2001C.

Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.
Delivery weight: 99 g

Samsung microwave oven glass tray 288mm

Product no.: DE74-20102D

Glass plate for Samsung microwave ovens. Diameter 288 mm. Three edges in the middle for circulation. Replaces trays DE74-20102A, DE74-20102E, DE74-20102B & DE81-01850A. Original spare part for many Samsung CE, AME, AMW, ES-H, FG, G, GE, GS, JEM, JES, M, ME, MG, MS, MW -series models.

Estimated delivery time: 2-10 business days.
Delivery weight: 1 kg

Electrolux / Rosenlew fridge handle 187mm

Product no.: 2061766024

Refrigerator / freezer door handle. White plastic. Maximum length 187mm, Attachment holes 132,5mm.

Fits for many AEG KT, Electrolux EU ER KT, Elektro Helios KF, Husqvarna QT, IKEA LAGAN, Rosenlew RJPK RPP RJP RJKL RJVL RJV RKP, Zanussi ZFU ZRT ZFC ZRC ZRA ZRG -series models.

Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.
Delivery weight: 65 g

Savo ASC cooker hood circuit board 08080685 (V0401) (50289170008)

Product no.: 900501040

Main circuit board PCB assembly for cooker hoods. If the fan lights are blinking and the motor does not stay on at the same time as the lights, there is probably a fault in this part. Located in a plastic case inside the cooker hood. Savo ASC 08080685 (SW:900501020). 04318874, ISASC7388, ISASC7088. Replaces older cards 08080684, 08086684, 08086685.

Delivery weight: 250 g

Mangle cloth 150 x 53cm, Jokipii

Product no.: 28010

Mangle Cloth, pure linen (100% Li). Size: 53 x 150cm. The most common mangle cloth! Made in Finland. UPO, Cylinda, Electrolux, Rosenlew, Elektro Helios

Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.
Delivery weight: 90 g