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Product no.: 5524

Coffee maker water container / tank lid 1204012. Black plastic. Original spare part for Coffee Queen M2 & A2 -models.

Product no.: 5515

Coffee maker filter holder 1102016, 525462. Stainless steel. Including support made of metal wire. Original spare part for Crem & Coffee Queen M2, M-2 & A2, A-2 -models.

  • Maximum diameter 195 mm
  • Inside diameter of the base 110 mm
  • Height 101 mm
Product no.: 13271

Coffee maker filter holder. Bottom diameter 110mm, Top diameter 167mm, Height 100mm. original spare part for Technivorm Moccafour.

Product no.: 5025

Percolator, coffee dispenser, tea water heater dispenser tap. 3/4" thread attachment. Fits for Coffee Queen Tower -models. 

Product no.: 5513

Coffee maker over heating protector and temperature thermostat. Original spare parts for Crem, Coffee Queen M-1, M-2, A-2, DA-4, DM-4 -models. 160212-03

  • 1 automatic-reset thermostat 110°C
  • 1 manual-reset thermostat 130°C
  • Diameters 16 mm
Product no.: 5514

Coffee Queen coffee maker water floater. Located in the water container's bottom. Broken float stops the heating element's function.

Product no.: 5509

Coffee Queen water inlet valve 3/4" -11,5 mm.

In 9L / min

Out 0.95L / min

Product no.: 5504

Coffee machine boiler assembly / heating element 2200W. Includes a steel boiler, thermostat and overheating protection. Original spare part for many Coffee Queen / Crem models. 2200W, 1N ~230V

Product no.: 5511

Coffee Queen / Crem coffee maker indicator light Q160804-04. Attachment hole 30 x 22 mm. 16A 250Vac.

Product no.: 5500

Coffee Queen filter momentary rocker switch / indicator light 347413, Q160805-04. Fits many CREM / Coffee queen models with automatic water supply, like DA-4, A-2.

  • Mounting hole dimensions 30 x 22 mm
  • External dimensions of the frame 32 x 25 mm
  • 4 pcs Abiko 6.3 mm
  • Trigger button for water supply (does not stay ON)
  • Orange indicator light
  • C0430A/C1501AL Arcolectric England
  • 16A 250Vac
Product no.: 5502

Coffee Queen backpressure block tube

Product no.: 5098

Commercial / restaurant coffee machine power switch with two switches (Red indicator lights). Q160802-04, Q16080204. Fits many Coffee Queen and Crem coffee machines.

  • Mounting hole dimensions 30 x 22 mm
  • External dimensions of the frame 32 x 25 mm
  • 16A 250Vac T85 / T125
  • 6 x 6.3 mm Abiko connectors
Product no.: 5516

Coffee Queen PCB circuit board. P/N: 1031640 02/SW1.2. IONOTE O/N: 1H6040910 CUST P/N: 1031640. Fits to all Coffee Queen water inlet models upto 2,5l capasity.

Forssan Huoltopalvelu Ltd does not take any responsibility for accidents occurring in the installation of products or damage caused by incorrectly installed products. The installation of any electronic spare part has to be installed by a professional person with electrical permits required by law professional.  If an electronic component is installed by a person without electrician degree or needed permits the customer is responsible for any possible accidents / damage.

Product no.: 5503

Coffee maker hot plate heating element 160101. 95W, 230V. Original spare part for Coffee Queen -models M-1, M-2, DM-2, DM-4, A-1, A-2, DA-2, DA-4.

Product no.: 523

Commercial coffee maker filters. Including 500 filters. Bottom diameter 100mm, total diameter 400mm. Fits for Coffee Queen Tower -models.

Product no.: 5508

Water inlet valve, 3/4" -2 x 11,5 mm. Flow in 9l / min, flow out 9l / min.

Product no.: 5512

Commercial coffee maker water container float micro switch. 10A 230V. Original spare part for many Coffee Queen models, like CQ M-2, A-2.

Product no.: 5526

Water valve for Coffee Queen Tower professional coffee maker.

  • Flow in 9 l/min
  • Flow out 5 l/min
Product no.: 5057

Upper magnetic valve for Coffee Queen Tower professional coffee maker. Connectors: in 15 mm, out 11,5 mm

Product no.: 5525

Coffee Queen / Crem Tower professional coffee maker circuit board 1031642. Original spare part, 134 x 48 mm.

Product no.: 5517

Coffee Queen A2 coffee maker control panel, original spare part.

Product no.: 5510

Coffee Queen professional coffee maker water divider, original spare part.