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Product no.: 50294341008

Air conditioner rack. L 800mm, H375mm, D 465mm.

Product no.: 91331

Pressure differential switch between cooker hood or top fan and house ventilation unit. The switch will electronically transfer the relay information to the air conditioner unit from the pressure difference between the indoor air and the hood's extractor tube, measured from the cooker hood or top fan output tube. Suitable for both internal and external motored cooker hoods. Includes installation instructions and accessories for installation: 2m pressure hose, two sensor pins, mounting screws. The suitability of the house air handling unit for the relay data should be checked from the machine manufacturer. Also suitable for a wide range of air pressure and flow control applications. Product information

Product no.: 25714

Kitchen cabinet ventilation grille. Aluminium grey color, made from pure aluminium. Suits for oven, refrigerator, cooker hood ventilation.

  • Total length 500 mm
  • Total height 80 mm
  • Attachment hole length 477 - 490 mm
  • Attachment hole height 66 - 70 mm
  • Attachment collar depth 16 mm
Product no.: 4450014493

Caravan / RV air conditioner cover lid. White plastic. Original spare part for many Electrolux Dometic FJ1100, FJ1700, FJ2200 -series models.

Product no.: 3363200

Air ventilation unit preheating coil set. R model. Includes 2 pre-bent 10 mm copper mounting tubes, 2 black plastic protective tubes, 332 x 125 x 45 mm heater cell and 436 mm white metal mounting plate. Original equipment for Vallox Digit2 SE: 3550 SE, A3550 SE models.

Product no.: 4499000136

Mounting plugs for the cover of the air conditioner on the roof of the caravan / motorhome. The package includes 6 pieces of plastic fasteners. Original spare part for many Electrolux Dometic FJ, B series models. Check the model view for compatibility with your device.

Product no.: 4055349213

Output air outlet pipe for portable air conditioner. Flexible and stretchable tube for directing air out. Outer diameter 150mm, inner diameter 133 mm. Original spare part for many Electrolux EXP08, EXP09, EXP12 series models. Check the fit table for your model.

Product no.: 4055217865

Portable air conditioner exhaust pipe connector. With this ring, a flexible and stretchable tube is connected to a portable air conditioner. Original spare part for many Electrolux EXP09, EXP12 series models. Check the fit table for your model.

Product no.: 3494701
Product no.: 8025033

Fan motor for ventilation machines, etc. applications. Replaces previous engines R2E190AO9603, R2E190AE77.

Product no.: 935120-1

Air conditioner fan motor for MUH Ilmava OK-models from year 1998. There are two motors in the appliance, one for supply air and one for exhaust air.

Product no.: 940010

Eight-pole transformer for the cooker hood / ventilation machine. Original spare part for many Vallox Capto PTC AC, X-line, Slim-line, Muh stove hoods and Ilmava, Vallox 70 ventilation units. Check the fit for your model in the fit table.

Forssan Huoltopalvelu Ltd does not take any responsibility for accidents occurring in the installation of products or damage caused by incorrectly installed products. The installation of any electronic spare part has to be installed by a professional person with electrical permits required by law professional.  If an electronic component is installed by a person without electrician degree or needed permits the customer is responsible for any possible accidents / damage. Electronic spare parts have no right of return if they have been tested in place on the device.