Dish rinsers

Dish rinsers

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Product no.: 7157

Washing nozzle for Nito spray pistols & DN13 quick lock systems. Adjustable flow from straight to mist.

Product no.: 7106

Water hose / shower quick connector adapter. At one end Nito DN13 female connector (internal diameter 17 mm), at the other end internal thread 1/2" (approx. 18.5 mm). Suitable for a quick connector with a maximum diameter of 16.8 mm.

Product no.: 7104

Water quick lock adapter. Attachments: Nito DN13 & outer thread 1/2".

Product no.: 7016

Pre-rinse wash tap handle / spray valve. Trigger. Adjustable shower type. 1/2" outer thread attachment.

Product no.: 7134

Pre rinse shower tap / mixer faucet 540351. Including installation parts, hoses 3/8" (520466) & hose adapters. Output 3/4" outer thread for rising tube. Fits for many Gastrotop,  Echtermann, LF, Friulana Rubinetterie, EPGC, Ascaso -pre rinse models.