Washing tower installation kits

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Product no.: W9-20548/HQ

You need this kit when you stack your tumble dryer on top of the washing machine. W 605mm, D 570mm.

Product no.: W9-20529-HQ

Self attachment supports for attaching tumble dryer on top of the washing machine. Tape on the bottom is to be glued on top of the washing machine. Dryer adjustable feet lock in these attachments. Dryer feet max diameter 39mm.

Product no.: 9029792109

Electrolux dryer install kit.

This kit makes it possible to have your dryer on top of your washing machine safely.

Only works with 60 cm wide front loaded washing machines and dryers.

Fits 54-60 cm deep machines.

The dryer and washing machine must be same depth.

Product no.: 5001EL2001H

Fastening parts between the washing machine and the tumble dryer (stacking installation kit) and the condensate drain hose for the dryer. Replaces part 5001EL2001E. The inner diameter of the rubber hose is 9 mm (extends 10 mm over the pipe).

Please note that the suitability of the mounting parts for washing machines cannot be determined.

Product no.: AGF30790698

Washing tower installation kit DK1W. A set that connects the washing machine and tumble dryer together. Equipped with a pull-out level. To be installed between the washing machine and the dryer. White. Fits all LG machines, excluding the 46.5 - 47.5 cm Slim models (we cannot guarantee compatibility with other brands).

  • Prevents the dryer from moving on top of the washing machine
  • Handy pull-out auxiliary shelf where you can place laundry when filling or emptying the dryer