Savo decorative tubes

Savo decorative tubes

Decorative tubes to Savo cooker hoods / extractors. Located in the top part.

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Product no.: V0117

Cooker hood / extractor decorative tube, lower. Stainless steel color. Original spare part for Savo C-45, C-55, C-60, C-61, C-63, C-64, CH-45, CH-55, CH-60, CH-61, CH-63, CH-64 -series models.

Product no.: V0266

Rear cover plate for cooker hood. White plastic. Fastens to the rear edge of the range hood before installing the range hood. Can be narrowed to the required size. Original spare part for Savo Best P-2106, P-2206, Kronos, P-23 models (60cm). 03292209, 50265610001.

  • 599 x 73 mm