How to buy

1. The spare part or product search

You can search for a spare part or product by using the
search field on the left at the top of the page. You can search for keywords, such as " Mangle Cloth " or even like "Electrolux refrigerator handle white ". For more relevant results use the machine's model or product number, like " 911888002 basket wheel ". See the instructions how to find the product number and model number in " 2 Machine model and product number ".

Another way is to look for the right product by browsing directly to the product categories on the left side menu. For example, the motor carbon brushes is the best way to identify using the product image and the product information with measurements. If you are not sure of the compatibility to your device, you can ask a question from us on the product page , " ask" or send us your question with the machine's details using the contact form .

2. Machine model and product number

Search on your machine typeplate label. Here are examples of where it is located :

 What are the numbers you should look for :

The Electrolux Group appliances (AEG, Electrolux, IKEA, Elektro Helios, Husqvarna, Rosenlew, Zanussi, Volta)

PROD , PNC , Product no. or = product number . This number is the best way to find the right spare parts from our online shop. The number is usually a nine-digit and starts with 9. With the device's model name there can be several different models, but the product number tells you exactly what the model is. You can enter the nine digit code all written directly in the search box, for example: " 911888002 basket wheel ". Use the mere number to see all available spare parts for your machine. If you can't find the needed part, you can ask for the availability using the contact form.

Other home appliance brands (such as LG, Samsung , Ariston, Indesit , upo , Cylinda , Gorenje , Nilfisk , Allaway , Beam, Fagor , Miele , Moccamaster , etc.)

Model, M = the model number . Often contains letters and numbers , such as " FWD- 1280FD ." Note that the dashes will also write , and spaces not to be used.


3. purchase

- Add product to the shopping cart on product's page, next to the price. You can continue shopping while the products you added to cart remain there in memory. When you're ready, you can go to order products on the right at the top of the page, on the shopping basket , click the "Order Products " button.

- In your cart , you can first check the products and their quantities . You can remove items or add to their quantities.

- You can buy direct without registration or with signing up as a regular customer. Without registration you will be asked only the delivery details.

- You can pay for your purchases using your own online bank (Finnish), PayPal, credit card or by invoice ( Klarna - billing option). To ensure the payment safety you will be directed to Klarna Checkout -page to pay. Klarna's page will direct you to your online bank, credit card firm or to the billing firm's page.

- You will get the order confirmation via e-mail, along the information on the progress of your order .

- Check and make sure upon ordering that all the information is right!