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Product no.: W7-56500

Pre-filters for central vacuum cleaner filter. These covers catch any larger particles and keeps the main filter longer in operation. Including 5 pieces. Fits to Allaway A / C -series & Puzer Oiva -models.

Product no.: WP-627565/A

Central vacuum cleaner filter. Fits: Allaway A-series, C-series, CV-series, Combo, DV30, AW1700, AW1900, AW2000.

  • Height: 165 mm
  • Outer diameter: 175 mm
Product no.: WP-627566/A

Cylinder filter for central vacuum cleaners. Allaway KP-series: KP-1500, KP-1800.

  • Heigth: 255 mm
  • Outer diameter: 150 mm
Product no.: 10242

Central vacuum cleaner microfiber dust bags. Including 2 bags. Original spare part for Puzer Eeva / Easy models.

Product no.: 68171

Dust bags for Puzer Eeva / Easy central vacuum cleaner. Including 4pcs microfiber bags.

Product no.: WP-627567

Central vacuum cleaner filter. max diameter 200mm, min diameter 150mm. Height 165mm.

Product no.: 10673
Microfiber dust bags for Puzer Aino central vacuum cleaner. including 2 bags/package.
Product no.: 10215

Central vacuum cleaner coarse filter for Puzer Eeva & Easy. Size: 56x70x14mm. Original spare part.

Product no.: 10622
Central vacuum cleaner filter for Puzer Aino. 90x85x15mm. Original spare part.
Product no.: 10819

Central vacuum cleaner washable filter. H 170mm, D 180mm, center hole D 95mm. Original spare part for Allaway A / C-series, DV30, Combo - models.

Product no.: 110347

Durable fabric filter for some Beam central vacuum cleaner models produced 2010 and after. See list for compatible models!

Product no.: 100348

Durable Gore fabric filter for a central vacuum cleaner. Water washable. Self Cleaning filter. 14". Original spare part for Beam central vacuum cleaners: SC 395, 2785, 3500, 2250, 2500, 2900, 297, 284, 294, 697, SC398.

Product no.: 110-360

Central vacuum cleaner dust bags CV-1. The dimensions of the bag are 570 x 255 mm. Cardboard plate 126 x 107 mm. Center hole 51 mm. Including three bags for BEAM BM265, BM165, BU160, BU165, Electrolux ZCV -series models. 1103605, B69360, 6907398

Product no.: 110-356

Central vacuum cleaner Self cleaning filter. D 11" (c. 28cm). Metal rim outer lenght c. 910mm. Replaces filter 110156. Original spare part for many Beam -models manufactured before year 2010. See list for compatible models!

Product no.: 10162

Central vacuum cleaner main filter pre filters. Install these on top of the main filter to lenghten your filters age & to keep it clean from bigger particles. Including 6 filter covers. Original for Puzer Oiva, Aino.

Product no.: 10122

Central vacuum cleaner filter kit. The old Puzer fabric -filter is replaced by the new cone filter. You'll need this modification kit to mount the new filter for your machine. attacment plate diameter 224mm. 4 screw holes. Filter H 160mm, top diameter 196mm, bottom 148mm. Filter included.

Puzer models 1400, Oiva. LVI-numero 6902190

Product no.: 110025

Central vacuum cleaner dust bags 110-025 (6907401). Attachment plate 127x88mm. Hole Diameter 52mm. Including 3 pcs of bags. Original bags for Beam 2067, 167, 167ES -models.

Product no.: 11133V

Central vacuum cleaner filter attachment plate. Original spare part for many Allaway A-, AW-, CV-series models.

  • Total Diameter 132mm
  • Total Height 43mm
  • Thread inner diameter 50mm
  • Threaded tube outer diameter 60mm
Product no.: W7-51029/HQN
Product no.: 81115

All central units made after 2002 can be fitted with a dust bag installation kit (accessory), which makes emptying the central vacuum cleaner hygienic and convenient. The use of a dust bag reduces the need of servicing the filter, and its use is recommended especially for homes with pets.

The following items are included in the dust bag installation kit:

  • Microfibre dust bag 20 litres
  • Suction coupling
  • Bag holder


  • A30, A40, A40 LCD, A60
  • BA30, BA40, BA40 LCD, BA60
Product no.: 2345

Central vacuum cleaner power filter. Original spare part for Puzer Pro Promiss -model.

  • Total Height 468mm
  • Open end outer diameter 210mm
  • Gasket surface diameter 175mm
  • Lower end outer diameter 180mm
Product no.: 110-370

Central vacuum cleaner dust bags. Pack of three microfiber dust bags. Replace bags 6907076, EL69076, B69076, CV-2. Suitable for e.g. For Beam Alliance vacuum cleaners that still need a dust bag adapter.

  • Cardboard size 133 x 138 mm
  • Hole 50 mm
  • The size of the bag when flat is 250 x 630 mm
Product no.: 10810

Central vacuum cleaner foam filters. Original spare part for Allaway KaikkoPois KP-1200, KP-1400, EE-22 series models. The package contains two pieces of filters. LVI-number 6901374.

Dimensions of one filter:

  • Diameter 160 mm
  • Hole diameter 60 mm
  • Height 103 mm