Savo lighting parts

Savo lighting parts

Lighting & lamp spare parts for Savo cooker hoods & excavators.

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Product no.: V0815

Cooker hood lamp cover lid. Glass size 257 x 50 mm. Original spare part for Best ES23 -models. P-22/26.

LIGHT DIFFUSER 02000776, 03292205, 03292206, Candy Hoover 91943401, Electrolux 50240127006.

Plastic connectors not included, they are available separately: V0827 Savo ES cooker hood lamp cover holders, pair

Product no.: V0806

Cooker hood light diffuser. Clear plastic. Size: 322 x 60 mm. Original spare part for many Savo Best, Smeg -models: C31, C40, C41, P2106, P23, F-10 ,F-11, Kronos, K24PU, SP-2002, BF4-K 24. 03294757, 1618124, 4055093019, 50278465005

Product no.: V0827

Light diffuser holders Left/Right. Fits to P-22 light diffuser. Original spare part for many Savo ES23 -models. 03292206, 03292205, 32922064, 32922056.

  • Lenght 50 mm
  • Slot for glass 4 mm
Product no.: V0802

Savo cooker hood halogen lamp body 02300789. Original spare part for models: C-5106-S, C-5106-S/ASC, IS7008. Replaces part V0803, 4055464301, 4055534830.

  • Maximum diameter 66mm
  • Install diamater 55mm
  • 12V DC 20W G4 -base
Product no.: V0804

Savo cooker hood halogen lamp body 02300906. G4-socket. Replaces parts Electrolux 4055464335, 4055007415, 4055464236, 50278462002, 50265563002, Elica 2006AP, 2006Q, Gorenje 442868, 507647, 2006CC (musta), 615012427, Bosch Siemens 00615246, Savo / Best V0801, 49018813, 49003432, 02300798, 02300906. Original spare part for many Savo, Best -models.

  • Largest diameter 67 mm
  • Install diameter 56 - 64 mm
  • Thickness 20 mm
  • MAX 10W G4 12V
Product no.: V0807

Savo cooker hood lamp body 02300152. Black plastic. Quick connectors for wires. E14 base. 230V. Replaces parts 50214777000, 311010575000, 311040055007, 499977221, 53183069003, 133.0016.877, 482000073089, C00026910, 22.225.3906.80, 2005E/R. Compatible with models: C-4105/6-S, C-4105/6-W

Product no.: V0808

Hood lamp protective plastic cover 03200618, 4055466595. Transparent plastic. One end has a hole for a fixing screw (the fixing screw is not included in the delivery). Original spare part for Savo models: C-4206-S, C-42 K2035 (BF4-K2035A) and many models of the Best K2000 series. Check the fit for your model in the fit table.

  • Max length 115 mm
  • Max width 72 mm
Product no.: V0810

Cooker hood lamp cover Best 03293051. Replaces Electrolux 4055466645, 50267402001, Airlux Z03293051. Suitable for Savo model G-2505-W

  • Outer dimensions 89 x 63 mm
  • Attachment hole 72 x 52 mm
Product no.: V0811

Savo cooker hood lamp body 02300831. Suitable for models: G-5605-S, G-5607-S, GH-5605-S, GH-5607-S

Product no.: V0813

Cooker hood lamp cover 02000779/ 03292205/ 03292206. Includes plastic holders. Original spare part for 50cm wide Savo P-2105-W, P-21 -models. Glass lenght 156 mm, width 49 mm. Total lenght with holders 182 mm.

Product no.: V0814

Cooker hood lamp double base (E14) and wire. Fits Savo models P-2205/6-W, ES23S1L2SL.

Product no.: V0821

Savo cooker hood lamp body 133.0017.060. Suitable for models: I-6009-S2/ I-6309-S

Product no.: V0822

Cooker hood S1000 lamp housing / body 133.0320.141. Halogen lamp 20W 12VAC, G4 base. Suitable for e.g. many Franke Futurum Spiskåpa, Savo CHV-85, CV-85, FV-82, FHV-82, IHV-85, IHV86, IV-85, IV-86 models. Check the fit table for your model.

  • Mounting hole diameter 50-60 mm
  • Outer diameter of the frame 65 mm
  • Luminaire thickness 22 mm
  • Cord 30 cm
  • 4269420, 991.0362.544
Product no.: V0651

Home appliance lamp 7W E 14.

Product no.: V0837

Cooker hood / Extractor LED-light. 4W 3000K. There is two of these in the hood, sold separetly. Attachment hole diameter 50mm, rim diameter 65mm, depth 16mm. S1000, Senza lente 403000709, 133.0171.824. Original spare part for Savo C-5806-S (PNC 90388) & C-5809-S (PNC 90389) -models.

Product no.: V0838

Cooker hood LED light L&S S1000-LED. 12VDC 1.1W 3000K 9LEDS 90mA. The range hood has these two side by side, sold individually. Replaces parts 991.0287.065, 133.0289.829. Original spare part for Savo C-78, P-29, C-69 series models.

  • Mounting hole diameter 50 mm
  • Frame diameter 65 mm
  • Thickness 22 mm

Forssan Huoltopalvelu Ltd does not take any responsibility for accidents occurring in the installation of products or damage caused by incorrectly installed products. The installation of any electronic spare part has to be installed by a professional person with electrical permits required by law professional.  If an electronic component is installed by a person without electrician degree or needed permits the customer is responsible for any possible accidents / damage. Electronic spare parts have no right of return if they have been tested in place on the device.

Product no.: V0839

Cooker hood / Extractor LED-light. 6W 3000K. Lenght 500mm, width 29mm, depth 20mm. Original spare part for Savo R-9709-W (PNC 86560) -model.

Product no.: A0403

Cooker hood / Extractor Led-light with stainless steel rim.

  • Attachment hole diemater 56 mm
  • rim diameter 67 mm
  • depth 20 mm

ANC A18663101 700mA, 3,1W 3V 3000K 200lm 6LED beam angle 110°. Replaces previous lamps Forma E Funzione, ZIK7-Z 700mA, 2,1W 3V 3000K, 02320387, HCL-061AN-WW, Z02300452, 02300452, 23203870, replaces earlier 2.1W and 2.5W lamp versions. Fits for many Savo models, f.ex. CH-52/D (90311), C-52/A (90306), C-52/A (92305), C-52/A (92306), C-55/A (92432), C-61/A (90469), C-61/A (92464), CH-61/D (90463), G-56/B (90636).

Note! Lamp failure may be due to a faulty central unit of the cooker hood that supplies the wrong voltage to the luminaires. Therefore, do not install new lights until you have measured the coming voltage to the lamps. The voltage should be about 3V DC.

Product no.: V0845

Savo 8000 -series compatible glass cover. Diameter 44,5mm.

Product no.: D53065

LED bulb for cooker hood or other G4 halogen lamp. G4 base, 2 W power, for 10-18 VAC or 10-30 VDC voltages. Equivalent to a 20W halogen bulb. 160 lumens, color temperature 3000K (warm white). Average service life 25,000 hours. Diameter 30 mm. Maximum thickness 10.5 mm. Length of connecting pins 8.5 mm, in some cases pins need to be shortened to make bulb fit lamp base.

Fits to:

Product no.: V0806_2

Cooker hood light diffuser. Clear plastic. Size: 322x60mm. Original spare part for many Savo Best, Smeg -models: C31, C40, C41, P2106, P23, F-10 ,F-11, Kronos, K24PU, SP-2002, BF4-K 24. 03294757, 1618124

NOTE. the product is second quality, scratched and contains marks! (reduced price, no refund!)

Product no.: V0767

LED lights (2 pcs) and voltage transformer. Light color 3000K. Fits for all Savo LED models made by Franke.

Product no.: V0819

LED lamp for the cooker hood. 3W. A small circuit board with a power LED lamp, plastic frame and seal. 02300885 + 02011389. Original spare part e.g. Best for BHK16, CC34, Cirrus, Savo R-95 and RH-95 models.

Product no.: M412702

Cooker hood LED lamp. You can use this bulb to replace a traditional 15-40W light bulb. The light output is equivalent to a 40W light bulb. The elongated shape is suitable for many cooker hoods, refrigerators, etc. household appliances. Manufacturer Osram, LEDPT2640 4W / 82 P SPC.T26 40 4 W / 2700 K E14 PARATHOM SPECIAL.

  • Voltage 220-250V AC
  • Power 4W
  • Light output 470 lm (lumens)
  • Light color temperature 2700 K (Kelvin)
  • Total length 80 mm
  • Glass dome diameter 25 mm
  • Base E14
Product no.: V0846

Range hood LED lamp 1.1W 12VDC, LEDB30. Warm White K3000. Faber 133.0456.640. Replaces parts 488000630963, C00630963. Original spare part for many Savo Noppa, I-6009-S2, Franke, Whirlpool, Faber models. Check the suitability for your model in the suitability table with the information on the model sticker found inside the cooker hood.

Product no.: V0850

Cooker hood lamp body, original spare part for model Noppa with halogen light (PNC 86621).

Product no.: V0836

Cooker hood LED light, fits Savo model CHV-85 (96111). Original spare part.