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Product no.: 40207

Stick mixer axle glide bearing. Fits to top & bottom part of axle. Outer diameter 9mm, inner diameter 5,5mm, height 5mm. Original spare part for all Bamix models.

Product no.: 50502

Hand held stick mixer shaft with bearings, rubber clutch and protective tube with seals. Total length 177mm. If the shaft of your appliance gets stuck, this part makes it easy to replace wearing parts from the Bamix mixer. The drive arm is assembled and complete, so it is only attached to the motor with screws. Check the product images that the rubber clutch on the top of your old shaft is equipped with a similar 7 x 3 mm hole. Original spare part for Bamix M133, M140 Mono, M160, M180, M200, L160 deluxe models.

Product no.: 40111

Stick mixer axle. Lenght 153mm, diameter 6mm. Original spare part for Bamix Mono & deluxe models like M100, M120, M122, M133, M140, M160, L160.

Product no.: 40205

Stick mixer clutch between motor axle & drive axle. Attachment to drive shaft with threads, to motor axle with slot. Original spare part for all Bamix models since 80's (older rubber clutches had a wider slot for the motor shaft, this does not fit them. The rubber clutch of the old model in question is no longer available).

Product no.: 40209

Stick mixer axle bottom seal. Outer diameter 9mm, inner diameter 6mm, height 7mm. Original spare part for all Bamix & Unold models.

Product no.: gastro

Stick mixer axle, axle casing & rubber clutch. Bearings & seals included. Length 244mm. If the axle is jammed, you can easily fix your mixer with this axle casing. Original spare part for Bamix Gastro models.

Product no.: 40211

Stick mixer blade guard / cover. This part is attached to the drive shaft with left-handed thread. Original spare part for all Bamix models.

Product no.: 51117

Handheld stick mixer handle part. Light grey plastic, dark grey rubber buttons. If the buttons worn out, this part has to be changed. Original spare part for Bamix Gastro -models: M200, G200.

Product no.: 63118

Metal shaft for Bamix stick mixer processor blade axle.

  • Total lenght 64mm
  • Diameter 9mm
Product no.: 51210

Stick mixer handle cover lid. Original spare part for Bamix M133, M140 mono.

Product no.: bamixvirtajohto
Product no.: bamixkierrevirtajohto

Spiral electric cable for Bamix stick mixers. Light grey color. Lenght 62-180cm. Original spare part for many Bamix -models.

Product no.: GASTRO350_suojaputki

Stick blender / mixer axle with cover tube & rubber clutch. Original spare part for Bamix Gastro 350, Gastro 2 models. Total L 323mm, tube lenght 265mm. tube diameter 12mm.

Product no.: 40214

Stick mixer glide bearing / spacer. Located under the rubber clutch. Mitat 12 x 6 x 0,6 mm. Fits for Bamix & Unold -models.

Product no.: 713,007

Bamix stick mixer carbon brush, original spare part. Spring length 22mm. Carbon length 11mm.

Product no.: 781,043

The plastic D handle part of the hand mixer with the rubber buttons of the operating switch. Black / dark grey plastic. If the rubber buttons break from the old handle, this handle part must be replaced. Original spare part for black coloured Bamix Unold Esge Swissline models, e.g. M200.

Product no.: 782,040

The lid of the Stick mixer / hand blender handle. Light grey plastic. Original spare part for the Bamix Gastro G200 model.

  • Maximum length 70 mm
  • Maximum width 47 mm
  • The distance between the mounting holes is 19 mm