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Nozzle spare parts / accesssories

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Product no.: TWINNER-STRIP

Spare glide pads for Twinner -floor nozzle. Including 18 pads 5x26mm.

Product no.: TWINNER-STRIP2

Hair & dust picker pads for Twinner floor nozzle. Including 4 pieces with self adhesive tape. Lenght 210mm, width 13mm. Original Twinner spare part.

Product no.: 2194055295

Brush for Ultra One, Ultra Active & Ultra Performer turbo nozzle.

Product no.: 112989009

Original spare part for many Electrolux ZE3 & ZE3.1 -turbo nozzles.

Product no.: 2193794027

Vacuum cleaner Sumo turbo floor tool motor cogged belt 60S2M128. Original spare part for many Electrolux Ultra One, Ultra Active, Ultra Captic, Ultra Performer, Ultra Silencer -model's turbo floor nozzle.

Product no.: 9614101013

LUX vacuum cleaner ZE 3 carpet brush turbo nozzle motor. Original spare part for many ZE3 & ZE3.1 -models.

Product no.: 18523110

LUX D820 (1 Royal) vacuum cleaner's PB 1 carpet brush nozzle's drive belt. lenght 178mm, W 3,8mm. 185-23-110 24/12.

60 "teeth"

Product no.: 50297087004

Handheld vacuum cleaner floor tool bigger wheel. Original spare part for many AEG Electrolux  Ergo Rapido AG8, AG9, ZB27, ZB28, ZB29 -series models.

Product no.: 1181806017

Vacuum cleaner multi tool holder. Original spare part for many Electrolux Ultra Silencer, Ultra Active, Ultra Performer, Ultra captic -models with oval tube.

Product no.: 2194055311

Vacuum cleaner motor brush nozzle's motor. Original spare part for Electrolux 2193839251 & 2193839012 nozzles.

Product no.: 118230010

Interconnecting cord between the Lux vacuum cleaner and powered turbo nozzle. Length 210 cm. Suitable for brush tools ZE3, ZE3.1, PB1 and vacuum cleaner LUX 1R D820. Connector 15 x 24 mm, slanted wires 2 pcs 2 x 6 mm. Includes three plastic clips for attaching the cord to the pipe.

Product no.: W7-89008

Vacuum cleaner turbo tool brush kit. Including two 134mm brush rolls; with red & white end. End diameter 32mm. Fits for Vorwerk tools ET340, EB350 (used in vacuum cleaners VK120 / VK121 / VK122). 0080571

Product no.: 1050281011

Vacuum cleaner turbo nozzle drive belt. Between motor & brush roll. Original spare part for LUX / Electrolux Powerlux PL1 -turbo floor tool.

  • L 14,5 cm
  • 50 teeth
  • 110209 Germany CT HTD 150 3M 4
  • 1050281-01
Product no.: 200-10-050

Vacuum cleaner turbo brush tool motor. Original spare part for LUX PB1 -turbo nozzle.

Product no.: 200-35-000

The LED lamp of the vacuum cleaner's power nozzle. Original spare part for the Lux PB1 motorized floor tool.

Product no.: 200-22-000

Ankle part / joint of the motorized turbo floor nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Includes wires to the brush roll tamper motor. Original spare part for Lux Power Brush (PB1) floor tool.

  • Dimensions of the connection point 40 x 62 mm
  • Hinge pins diameter 12 mm
  • Distance of hinge pins 56 mm
Product no.: 200-70-003

Motor brush floor tool cable. Length 112cm. This cord fits to the floor tool itself. Original spare part for Lux PB1 -model.

Product no.: 967370-01

Vacuum cleaner tube connector. You can attach Dyson Quick Release tools to Dyson CY22, CY23 models.

Product no.: 140144439043

Battery powered vacuum cleaner floor tool brush roll. Original spare part for many AEG FX9-1, Electrolux Pure F9 PF91 -series models.

  • Total length 214 mm 
  • Black bearing end outer diameter 38 mm
  • Red drive head outer diameter 35 mm
Product no.: 92349201

Vacuum cleaner floor tool rotating brush rollers. Diameter 33mm, length 115mm. Original spare parts for few Dyson DC08, DC19, DC20, DC23, DC29 -series models.

Product no.: 4055420931

Front edge roller wheels for the floor nozzle of the battery-operated vacuum cleaner. Includes two wheels and axles. Original spare parts for many AEG Electrolux Ergo Rapido, Ultra Power AG3000, CX7, CX8, ZB3000, ERGO, EER, EUP, ZB5000 series models. Check the suitability for your model in the compatibility table with the PROD / PNC number of the vacuum cleaner.

Product no.: 121013

Sliding felt pieces at the bottom of the Twinner NXT floor nozzle. Includes 12 self attaching sliding surfaces and a plastic replacement tool. Felt pad diameter 15 mm. Replace worn slides with new ones to ensure slipperiness of the floor nozzle and prevent scratches.

Product no.: 4055478574

Floor nozzle for a battery-operated vacuum cleaner. Red color. Original spare part for the following Electrolux ErgoRapido EER7ANIMAL models:

  • 900277432    EER7ANIMAL    ELECTROLUX
  • 900940728    EER7ANIMAL    ELECTROLUX
Product no.: M279610

Vacuum cleaner tube conversion adapter. This sleeve allows you to connect nozzles with a 32mm round tube to a vacuum cleaner with a 35mm round tube. Manufactured by Wessel-Werk 13.1580-300. Suitable for e.g. Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, AEG, etc.

Product no.: DJ97-02850A

Floor nozzle Soft Action Brush for battery-operated vacuum cleaner. Does not include rotating brush roller (sold separately: Samsung varsi-imurin harjatela VS20R/VS20T). Original spare part for many Samsung VS20R, VS20T series models. Check the fit table for your model.

Product no.: DJ97-02612D

Rotating brush roller for battery-operated vacuum cleaner floor nozzle, Soft Action Brush. Original spare part for many Samsung VS20R, VS20T series models, fits to floor tool DJ97-02850A. Check the fit table for your model.

Product no.: 17004022

Battery-operated vacuum cleaner brush, original spare part. See list for compatible models.

Product no.: 966817-01

Vacuum cleaner floor nozzle rings. Includes mounting screws and bushings. Original spare parts for Dyson nozzle 967483-05 and models SV03, SV05, SV09, SV10, SV11, SV12, V6, V7, V8, V10, V11.

Product no.: DJ66-00813A

Battery operated vacuum cleaner floor nozzle middle wheel, original spare part for nozzles DJ97-02850A, DJ97-02852A. See list for compatible models.