LG heat pump indoor unit fan motor EAU62004011

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Air source heat pump indoor unit fan motor EAU62004011. DC310V SIC-37CVJ-FI30-12. Nidec Shibaura Electronics. Replaces motors 4681A20091U, 4681A20091J, 4681A20091P, 4681A20091L, 4681A20091Z, EAU62004001, EAU62983001, EAU62983002, EAU37844701. Original spare part for many LG LG C09, C12, C18, C24, CA09, CA12, CC09, CC12, CC18, CC24, MC07, MC09, MC12, MC18, MC24, MS07, MS09, MS12, N09, N12, S09, S12, S18 -series models.

NOTICE! The new connector might not fully lock in and it must be modified so it can be installed.

  • DC 310 V
  • Axle lenght 80 mm
  • Axle diameter 8 mm (from flat section 7 mm)
  • Attachment rubber diameter 41 mm
  • Motor diameter 91 mm
  • Motor section height 37 mm

Forssan Huoltopalvelu Ltd does not take any responsibility for accidents occurring in the installation of products or damage caused by incorrectly installed products. The installation of any electronic spare part has to be installed by a professional with electrical permits required by law. If an electronic component is installed by a person without electrician degree or permits the customer is responsible for any possible accidents / damage.


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