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Product no.: RT-A190062

Commercial coffee maker glass jugs. Including 2 pcs of Contessa 1000, Bartscher Aurora 16 -compatible pots.

Product no.: RT-A190062-1

Commercial coffee maker glass jug. Fits to Contessa 1000, Bartscher Aurora 16

Product no.: Lasikannu Q

glass jar for the most Prof.use. coffee makers. Height 17 cm, hot plate diameter of 10.5 cm.

Product no.: T30061

Glass jug and cover for models CD Grand, Moccaking, Moccafour and Moccaserver. Jug height 165mm, bottom diameter 105mm, outer diameter at the top 103mm. Jug cover 13397 also available separately.

Product no.: RT-A190011

Percolator coffee maker filter paper box. Including 1000 pieces. Diameter 245 mm. Original filter for Bartscher Regina 90, Regina Plus 90T and PRO 100T -models.

Product no.: A01900417
Aurora 16 coffemaker filter plate.
Product no.: RT-A190002

Professional / commercial coffee maker paper filters 250-90. Top diameter 250mm, bottom diameter 90mm. Fits: Coffee Queen M1, M-1, M2, M-2, A1, A-1, A2, A-2, DM-4, DA-2, DM4, DA2, Aurora 16 & 20, Contessa 1000 & 1002, vendor, metos, Bartscher. Including 1000 pcs of filters.

Product no.: 5515

Coffee maker filter holder 1102016, 525462. Stainless steel. Including support made of metal wire. Original spare part for Crem & Coffee Queen M2, M-2 & A2, A-2 -models.

  • Maximum diameter 195 mm
  • Inside diameter of the base 110 mm
  • Height 101 mm
Product no.: 1160911

Bonamat coffee machine B5 filter papers. The package contains 250 pieces of white filter papers in size 110 / 360 mm. Suitable for Bravilor Bonamat B5, B5 HW filter coffee machines.

Product no.: 1160912

Bonamat basket paper filter ø152/437 mm, 250pcs

Product no.: 1160043

Bonamat basket paper filter ø85/245 mm, 1000pcs

Product no.: 1160901

Animo basket paper filter ø101/317 mm, 500pcs

For models

600W, B600WDUO, CN5E, CN5I, Favoriet Combi GL 2x5, Favoriet Combi GLD 2x5

Product no.: 1160902

Animo basket paper filter ø152/457 mm, 500pcs

For models

CN10E, CN10I, Favoriet Combi GL 2x10, Favoriet Combi GLD 2x10

Product no.: 1160900

Animo basket paper filter ø90/250 mm, 1000pcs

For models

Excelso, Excelso T, Excelso Tp, A100

Product no.: 1160903

Animo basket paper filter ø152/350 mm, 500pcs

For models

B600W, B600WDUO

Product no.: 1160904

Animo basket paper filter ø203/533 mm, 500pcs

For models

CN20E, CN20I, Favoriet Combi GL 2x20, Favoriet Combi GLD 2x20

Product no.: 1160905

Animo basket paper filter ø280/635 mm, 500pcs

For models CN40E, Favoriet Combi GL 2x40, Favoriet Combi GLD 2x40

Product no.: 1160950

Animo filter holder basket (black) 90/250 mm

top external ø 172 mm - overall height 100 mm

Product no.: 1160951

Bonamat filter holder basket (steel) 85/245 mm

size 175x175 mm - altezza totale 95 mm

Product no.: 1160037

Bunn-O-Matic Filter holder basket. Fits for Bunn-O-Matic CWA & CWTF.

  • Top external diameter 185 mm
  • Overall height 95 mm
Product no.: 4055210670

Electrolux coffee maker glass jug. Black plastic cover and handle part. Original spare part for many AEG KF7, Electrolux EKF7 series models. Check the fit for your model in the fit table.

Product no.: Q300837

The glass pot / carafe of the commercial restaurant coffee maker. Volume 1.7 liters. Hinged lid. Cover and handle in black plastic. Original spare part for Bravilor Bonamat Novo, Mondo and Matic series models. 7.170.602.101