Non-elastic belts

Non-elastic belts

Older washing machines have non-elastic drive belts. The belts have no "E" -marking. Tightness is adjusted by turning the motor outwards. Non-elastic belts fit for many machines from the 70´s, 80´s & 90´s.

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Product no.: W1-03205

Washing machine drive belt 1270J5. Fits for many AEG Lavamat, Ignis, Philips, Rondo, Zanker -models. Replaces belts AEG Electrolux 8996452374003, 56451209201, 6451209206, 6452374009, 8996451209200, 8996454249377, 8999470144358, 8999470194502, Indesit C00194425, C00027206, Sogedis 27179, Samsung 6602-001072, 6602-001497

Product no.: 8996452501803

Washing machine drive belt. Length 1260mm, 645 250 180 H4 7H 1260. Original spare part for many AEG Lavamat -models.

Product no.: W1-03210

Washing machine drive belt. Poly V 1244PJ5. Replaces belts Gorenje 253099, Asko Cylinda 8050325, FAGOR/BRANDT 51X7680, Whirlpool 481990800307.


  • Ariston,
  • Cylinda 14003 16000, 16002, 16003, 16004
  • Ignis, Philips, Sangiorgo
Product no.: 104497
Washing machine drive belt. 10x5,5x1290. Ariston Indesit.
Product no.: 484035

Washing machine drum drive belt 1314J. 4 grooves. Replaces belts Bosch Siemens 00278339, 00263888, 00263378, Fagor Brandt 93X3388, Whirlpool 481281718167. Fits for many Siemens Siwamat -models.

Product no.: W1-03211

Washing machine drive belt. 1222 PJ5. Replaces belts Fagor Brandt 51X9939, Sogedis 26965, AEG 6040066026, 4335048241745, 4335435605080. fits for many Electrolux, AEG, Ariston, Indesit -models.

Product no.: L70D003I0
Product no.: L70D002I2

Washing machine drum drive belt 1269J5. Fits for many Fagor, Bosch, whirlpool & Beko models. Replaces belts Fagor Brandt 55X9988, Whirlpool 481935810039.

Product no.: 00126400

Washing machine drum belt 5PJ1168. Original spare part for many AEG & Electrolux -models. Replaces belts: Gorenje 289723, Electrolux 1290775608, Asko 1689212. hutchinson poly.v.

  • 5 grooves
  • Lenght 1168mm
Product no.: W1-03234

Washing machine drum drive belt 1194PJ4. Hoover, Ariston, Indesit, Bosch. Replaces belts 55553340, Indesit C00029794, Candy Hoover 90384934, Whirlpool 481281728269.

Product no.: W1-03218

Washing machine drive belt 1321PJ6. Replaces Miele 4693121, Fagor Brandt 55X2343, Whirlpool 481935810053, 771985000007, Privileg 1799410, EFS 620003188.

Bbc, Blomberg, Bosch, Constructa, Lepper, Siemens, Whirlpool, Philips, Miele

Product no.: BLJ020UN

Washing machine drive belt 1016J5. Length 1016mm. Non-stretch, 5 grooved, J-profile. Replaces the straps Ardo Merloni 610000737, Gorenje 289680, 24501, PJ1016, J5 / 1016, Asko 1613694. Fits e.g. to some Rosenlew Pikkujätti, Upo Tehokarhu, Cylinda, Asko series models.

Product no.: 301009-091

Washing machine drive belt. Length 1200mm. 5 grooves. Notice that the belt is not elastic. Fits older washing machines.

Product no.: 289724

Washing machine drive belt. Lenght 1130 mm. J4 -profile. UPO, ASKO, Cylinda. Replaces belts Merloni 620007888, 610000739, 00126375, 7194738, R504454, PJ1130, 5PJ1130, 1130PJ5, 1130J4, 1130J445.

Product no.: 24506

Washing machine drum drive belt. Optibelt-RB 5 PJ 1208 Asko Cylinda 8052054. Fits: Upo Siniviiri 10 SF, Siniviiri 14 (WM120), Siniviiri 14

Product no.: 6648996

Washing machine drum drive belt 1270J5. Replaces belt 6602-001072. Fits for many Samsung B1000, F1000, M1000, P1000 -series models.

Product no.: 7723608

Washing machine drum drive belt 1110PJ5. Replaces parts 645189520, 8996451895206. Fits for few AEG Lavamat LAV220, LAV240, LAV248 -series models.

Product no.: 481688
Product no.: 333572

Washing machine drum drive belt 1126PJ4. Fixed, non-stretch belt. Replace belts 50004636, Fagor Brandt 51X2942, AEG Electrolux 6040062017, 1125J4.