Central vacuum cleaner filters

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Product no.: W7-56500

Filter cover / pre-filter for the main filter of the central vacuum cleaner. Prevents clogging of the filter itself by receiving larger debris and thus extends the service life. in the package 5 pcs "baker's hats", covers made of coarse filter fabric. Rubber band on the edge. Place the cover over the filter and tighten the filter in place. Fits to Allaway A / C -sarjan -series & Puzer Oiva -filters.

Product no.: WP-627565/A

Central vacuum cleaner filter. Fits: Allaway A-series, C-series, CV-series, Combo, DV30, AW1700, AW1900, AW2000.

  • Height: 165 mm
  • Outer diameter: 175 mm
Product no.: WP-627566/A

Cylinder filter for central vacuum cleaners. Allaway KP-series: KP-1500, KP-1800.

  • Heigth: 255 mm
  • Outer diameter: 150 mm
Product no.: 110346

Central vacuum cleaner filter bag. Original spare part for many Beam models.

Product no.: 110347

Durable fabric filter for some Beam central vacuum cleaner models produced 2010 and after. See list for compatible models!

Product no.: 100348

Durable Gore fabric filter for a central vacuum cleaner. Water washable. Self Cleaning filter. 14". Original spare part for Beam central vacuum cleaners: SC 395, 2785, 3500, 2250, 2500, 2900, 297, 284, 294, 697, SC398.

Product no.: 10122

Central vacuum cleaner filter kit. The old Puzer fabric -filter is replaced by the new cone filter. You'll need this modification kit to mount the new filter for your machine. attacment plate diameter 224mm. 4 screw holes. Filter H 160mm, top diameter 196mm, bottom 148mm. Filter included.

Puzer models 1400, Oiva. LVI-numero 6902190

Product no.: WP-627567

Central vacuum cleaner filter. max diameter 200mm, min diameter 150mm. Height 165mm.

Product no.: 10815

Central vacuum cleaner fine filter. H255mm, diameter 150mm, center hole 62mm. Original spare part for Allaway KP-series models, KP-1500, KP-1800. LVI-6901370

Product no.: 80992

Central vacuum cleaner filter holder extender. Extends the old threaded holder for 255mm long filter. Use the older end plate & nut to attach the 255mm filter. Original spare part for Allaway KP -series models. Compatible with this filter: Allaway filter 255mm