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Product no.: 9091932-01

Vacuum cleaner floor nozzle. New white version with nozzle adapter that have replaced the previous dark blue floor nozzle 115900060. The adapter fits telescopic arms with an outer diameter of 32 mm. Suitable for e.g. For LUX and Electrolux models: D710, D720, D725, D728, D729, D730, D736, D738, D739, D740, D742, D745, D748, D750, D768, D770, D775, D780, D790, DP 9000, LUX 932. Nozzle 346-00-000 + adapter 1050296-01

Product no.: 346-00-000

Vacuum cleaner floor tool with hard floor & carpet functions. Original spare part for LUX 1R Royal (D820) ja  Intelligence -models AP11, S115, AP12, AC11, Lux Intelligence Premium, Lux Intelligence Classic, Lux Powerprof royal, Lux Powerprof classic, Lux 1 Royal, Lux 1 Classic, D820, D815. -models. Replaces the older tools 9091978-01, 739400, 346-00-000.

Product no.: 9091962-01

Vacuum cleaner crevice nozzle. Total length 273 mm, pipe connection diameter 34 mm. Original spare part for models LUX 1R (D820), Intelligence AP11, S115. Replaces parts 9091962-01, 4000436, 739398.

Compatible radiator brush: Lux imurin patteriharja (rakosuulakkeeseen)

Product no.: 9091963-01

Vacuum cleaner furniture nozzle. 70 mm brush nozzle for vacuuming hard surfaces and protruding 170 mm textile nozzle with hair collection strips for vacuuming sofas, curtains and other soft surfaces. Grey plastic, replaces previous dark blue nozzles 241805 and 909196301. Original spare part for LUX 1R (D820) and Intelligence AP11, S115, AP12, AC11 models.

Product no.: 9091930-01

Vacuum cleaner telescopic tube. Original spare part for LUX D710 - D790, DP 9000 -models. LUX961

Product no.: W7-87077

Vacuum cleaner suction hose. Three claw attachment to the cleaner. 32 mm handle end diameter for telescopic tube. Attachment point outer diameter 43 mm. Hose length 185 cm + handle. Original Nilfisk spare part.

  • Electrolux Euroclean / Volta / Nilfisk Panther GD930, UZ930
  • LUX / Electrolux D710, D325, D310, D730, D728, D740, D748, D750, D768, D770, D775, D780, D790, D795
  • Electrolux ZE020, 9000846858, 115719049, 116435017, 1081601336
  • Nilfisk 1402782500
Product no.: 4900461

Vacuum cleaner telescopic tube for Lux Intelligence -model. Aluminium. Lenght adjustable between 66-101cm.

Product no.: 49NO032

Narrow tool for Vacuum cleaners. Fits all models with 30, 32,35 and 36 mm round attachment.

Fits: AEG, Electrolux, Volta, Nilfisk, Bosch, Siemens, Beam, Aertecnica, Allaway, Puzer, Lux

Includes 30, 32, 35 and 36 mm round adapter and seperate adapter for Hoover vacuum cleaners.

Product no.: 744391

Vacuum cleaner suction hose handle battery cover lid. Original spare part for LUX S115 -model.

Product no.: 739394

Vacuum cleaner hose handle remote controller cover. Original spare part for LUX S115 -models.

Product no.: 739396

Vacuum cleaner telescopic tube. Adjustable length. The wires for the electric floor tamper run inside the tube. Original spare part for the LUX S115 model (type AP12).

Product no.: 111000149

Vacuum cleaner suction hose adapter for LUX Intelligence AP11 hose, model 1R (D820). Original spare part.

Product no.: 1050296019

Adapter intended between the telescopic arm of the vacuum cleaner and the floor nozzle. Converts Lux's 34 mm floor tool socket joint to fit 32 mm round telescopic arms. With this adapter you can use the Lux Intelligence / S115 floor nozzle 739400 in older LUX and Electrolux vacuum cleaners D710 - D790. Dark blue plastic.

Product no.: 739399

A brush nozzle that can be attached to the crevice nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, e.g. for vacuuming the background of the radiator. Original spare part for Lux models S115, Intelligence, AP11, 1R Royal (D820). Fits for crevice tool 241808

Product no.: 100100008

The circuit board of the vacuum cleaner's motorized floor nozzle. Original spare part for the Lux PB Intelligence (Type PBI) tamper.

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