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Product no.: 50653865001

Top loader washing machine front wheel. Original spare part for many AEG Lavamat, Electrolux EWT EWB WH EW, Elektro Helios TT EH, Husqvarna QW, Rosenlew RTT, Zanussi ZWQ ZWN TE ZWA TL -series models.

Product no.: 083789

Adjustable foot for Ariston Indesit washing machines. 8 mm thread, length 24 mm, max diameter 28 mm. Replaces parts C00083789, C00264036, 482000030691, 482000076905, 482000023379, C00296866, C00264036. Original spare part.

Product no.: 00621463

Washing machine height adjuster foot. Thread M10. Original spare part for many Bosch Siemens models.

  • Total leg height 35 mm
  • The nut size of the rubber part is 27 mm
  • Tightening nut 17 mm
  • Top diameter of the thread 10 mm
Product no.: 1240467058

Washing machine adjustable leg. 10mm thread, threaded part 18mm. Foot nut diameter 30mm. Original spare part for many AEG, Electrolux, Elektro Helios, Husqvarna, Rosenlew, Zanussi -models.

Product no.: 1240467728

Height adjustment rubber foot for washing machine. 8mm thread diameter, 34mm lenght. Foot size 30mm. Original spare part for many AEG Lavamat, Electrolux EWF EWG EWX, Zanussi ZWH ZWI ZWT -series models.

Product no.: 1460671025

Top loader washing machine wheel. Located in the back. Original spare part for many AEG Lavamat, Electrolux EWT EWB, Elektro Helios TT, Husqvarna QW, Rosenlew RTT, Zanussi ZWY ZWQ ZWT TL -series models.

Product no.: 4055126249

Stabilizer / riser foots for washing machines. Max 30mm foot diameter. This foot rises the machine 5mm. Original spare part for many AEG Lavamat, Electrolux EWF EWM EWN EWW EWP, Elektro Helios TF, Husqvarna QW, Rosenlew RTF, Zanussi ZWF ZWG ZWH ZWN ZKG ZKH -series models.

Product no.: 4055171146

Washing machine installation kit.

Product no.: 1325007043

Fits to many Electrolux, rosenlew & zanussi washing machines.

Product no.: C00296866

Washing machine adjustable foot. M8 -thread. Lenght 23mm. Fits for many Ariston Indesit Hotpoint -models.

Product no.: 4620ER4002B

Rubber foot for washing machines. If your machine travels during washing, this product might be the solution. Diameter 60 mm, inner diameter 36 mm, height 10 mm.

Product no.: 4620ER4002B+4620ER4001A

Washing machine ajdustable foot riser. Rises the machine 13mm. If your machines leg adjustment is not enough, use this riser to level the machine. Fits to legs with maximum 35mm diameter. Riser outer diameter 59mm. Including following parts:

  • 1 pcs Rubber leg 4620ER4002B (rises 3mm)
  • 1 pcs Plastic riser 4620ER4001A (rises 10mm)

You can put 1-3 riser pieces on top of each other if you need to raise more. Additional riser piece available separately: LG pesukoneen muovinen korokepala, 1 kpl

Product no.: MHK61866301

50x50mm friction stickers for keeping your washing machine steady. use rubber pads with these!

Product no.: PK-kitkapaketti-LG

This set keeps your washing machine steady and on its place. You can rise the washing machine feet with this kit if the floor is uneaven. plastic foots distribute the machines wheight to rubber foots. Floor stick-on friction stickers keep rubber foots from moving. Included: 4620ER4001A x4, 4620ER4002B x4, MHK61866301 x4.

  • 4 x rubber foot pad (rises 3mm, for max 35mm foot)
  • 4 x riser pads (rises 10mm)
  • 4 x friction pads to floor.
Product no.: 1325007605

Washing machine threaded foot. plastic thread 16mm, metal thread 8mm. Foot width 30mm. Original spare part for many AEG Lavamat, Electrolux EWF WAS WAG EWN EWG EWW, Elektro Helios TF KT, Husqvarna QW, IKEA, Rosenlew RTF, Zanussi ZKG ZKH ZWG ZWH -series models.

Product no.: 621018

Universal rubber-coated, sturdy adjustment foot for washing machines and other devices. M10 thread (standard metric ISO thread), diameter 10 mm. 50 mm adjustment allowance. The diameter of the rubber paw is 34 mm. Sold individually. Fits many makes and models.

Product no.: W1-05301/A

Rubber adjustable foot for washing machine with 8mm thread. Machine thread M8, thread length 38 mm, rubber pawl diameter 30 mm, thickness 11 mm. Total length 49 mm. Also suitable for e.g. dryers, refrigerators, stoves and many other appliances and furniture.

Product no.: W9-20532/HQ

Washing machine shock absorbing pads. Attachment under the foot.

Product no.: DC97-00920H

Washing machine adjustment foot. Original spare part for many Samsung WD0, WD1, WD7, WD8, WD9, WF0, WF1, WF6, WF7, WF8, WF9, WW6, WW7, WW8, WW9 -series models.

Product no.: DC61-02841A

Washing machine adjustable foot. Original spare part for many Samsung WF05, WF06, WF16 -series models.

Product no.: DC97-06665A

Washing machine leg. Sturdier version of the original leg. Original Samsung spare part.

Product no.: 703294

Cooker/oven adjustment foot, 6 mm thread, lenght 38 mm. See list for compatible models.

Product no.: 481246248054

Washing machine rubber foot C00313162. Fits many models from several brands, see list for compatible models.

Product no.: 9029795243

E4WHPA02 Anti-slip / anti-vibration pads under the feet of the washing machine. Holds the machine in place with friction and dampen machine vibration. Diameter 45 mm, thickness 6 mm. Includes four rubber feet.

Product no.: 598113

Vibration dampers placed under the adjustable feet of the washing machine. The package contains 4 white anti-vibration pads. Replace parts Whirlpool 484000008531, Ariston Indesit Hotpoint C00380128.

  • Outer diameter: top 57mm, bottom 65,5 mm
  • Height: 21 mm
Product no.: 4882758

Anti-slip mat / vibration damper to be placed under the washing machine. 6 mm thick black cellular rubber. Dimensions 600 x 600 mm. Prevents the machine from moving and dampens vibrations. Suitable for all washing machines. Nedco 608.023.01. Replace parts W-Pro 484010678177, C00508741, WAAM110BK, W9-ANTIVIBMAT.

Product no.: 46001521

Washing machine front wheel and pedal, original spare part for model HHPT6146S (31002420).

Product no.: MAZ63884902

Washing machine adjustment foot counterpart, original spare part. See list for compatible models.

Product no.: 1464938008

The nut under the washing machine, into which the adjusting foot is screwed. Original spare part for many AEG, Electrolux, Husqvarna, Rosenlew, Zanussi models. Check the suitability for your model in the suitability table with the information on the model label of the machine.

Product no.: 00610643

Washing machine height adjuster foot. Original spare part for many Bosch Siemens models.

Product no.: 12638100003322

Washing machine adjustment foot. Replaces part Amica 1049876. Original spare part for some Logik, Midea models. Check the fit for your model in the fit table.

Product no.: 4620ER4002A

The non-slip piece of the washing machine under the adjustment foot. Suitable for almost all washing machines. With these rubber friction feet, the washing machine or dryer stays more firmly in place and the vibrations are reduced. If your machine moves during washing, you can control the movement with the rubber feet. Sold individually.

  • Black version, best suited for tiled floors
  • Total diameter 60 mm
  • Inner diameter 36 mm
  • The thickness of the base is 3 mm
  • Edge height 10 mm

A compatible riser is also available: LG foot riser

Grey version for all floor types: LG rubber foot, grey

Friction kit: LG friction kit 12 pcs